When Does it End?

Well, never as far as I can tell.  IF your ex stripped you financially, then finding gainful employment will NEVER be easy again.  So get used to being poor.  Get used to being humbled by a society that doesn’t value you anymore.  I mentioned that to a friend of mine, about women over 50 being invisible, and she pooh-poohed the whole idea. So I challenged her.  I told her the next time she went to the mall, to notice how many people even LOOKED at her.  She called and said, “Oh my God!  You are right! People didn’t even LOOK at me!”

Yeah.  I know.

So, using that whole idea as a springboard, think about how you will find a handyman, someone to repair your washing machine, someone to take care of your car maintenance…without gouging you…let alone show up!

It’s going to be important to find trustworthy service providers.  Chances are, if you remember from reading my book, you can’t rely on your family either.  They don’t want your problems and they don’t really care.  Sorry.  True.  Eventually you will find people on whom you can call…and PAY…and you need that contact list.  Listen, I could recommend people but you guys are ALL OVER the United States and beyond.  It wouldn’t mean anything for you to look at my list.

You’ll get frustrated and angry every time you can’t move a piece of furniture, let’s say, and you have to beg someone and pay them, to help you.

In my book I tell you that every single relationship in my life was damaged or outright broken when I was thrown away.  That hasn’t changed.  It’s been six years.  I’m still garbage in the minds of people who claimed to ‘LOVE’ me.  Some of them will text me that they love me, but I NEVER SEE THEIR FACES.  I’m in the anger phase now and I’m PISSED.

Yeah, it’s terrible.  And…our society condones it.  Older white women are THE most discriminated against of ANYBODY I know of.  Why?  We don’t have the giant organizations with acronyms to bring out the big dogs for us.  We are alone.

Did you know there are laws agains age discrimination in the workplace and in hiring?  Yep.  Federal laws.  Still happens.  All day.  Every day.

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