It’s been a while…

Well maybe there are some people interested in knowing what to do, how to survive the devastation of a husband having a mid-life crisis and throwing his wife’s life away.  Not sure.  But just in case…


Here are some things to keep in mind as you try to get back on your feet.  First, it’s expensive to live, and you need to be sure you can make it with the alimony you are entitled to.  Remember the law says the cheating husband only has to pay for x amount of years…but you can ASK for more, like I did, and get it.  It you can prove adultery, you’ll be amazed what the jerk will agree to in order to stay out of court.  After all, they have, by that time, built an extensive web of lies, with everyone from the ‘girl’ friend to employers.  They don’t want to have these folks know the real truth.   Get an attorney who will actually think these things through for you.  Most will not.  But…you have some say too.  Don’t forget that.


Dont forget about health insurance.  If you were on his policy, remember to ask that the jerk pay for that in addition to whatever else you’re asking for.  I still do not have health insurance, and I have NEVER not had it.   Keep that in mind.

It takes years to get through this kind of devastation.  You have to know that.

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