Long time, no talk…

It has been a while since I posted, but it hasn’t been a lazy time.  I am still healing, still battling financial obstacles, still alone.  These are typical activities/situations, for wives who are thrown away in middle age.  And I continue to be shocked and horrified at how many of us are tossed aside by men, just because we lived a long time.

My purpose for this blog was to make women aware of what their future could (and statistically WILL) hold for them, and to prepare them for it.  This is important information, but most women won’t entertain it until it is too late, meaning they are on the trash heap of older women, in shock, trying to figure out how to survive.  That’s not a good place from which to plan our survival.  Take it from one who knows.

I keep seeing reports of ‘missing women’ who ‘ran off with another man’.  First, they’re not missing.  The killer knows exactly where they are, and second, WHY are we always described as ‘running’ off with a man.  I have yet to meet the man who could make me ‘run off’ with him.  The important thing is that women are being killed by their husbands.  WOMEN ARE BEING MURDERED BY THEIR HUSBANDS.  And many are getting away with it.

Something seems to happen to the minds of men who have an affair in mid life, which makes them completely cold and hostile to the women who bore their children and stood by their side through many of life’s challenges.  A younger woman appears to be the brass ring.  Fine.  Be prepared for this to happen.  It’s that simple.

Yeah, maybe your husband is one of the good guys.  But I’M SAYING, “Don’t take that chance.”  If I could go back, I would raise my daughter to never mingle her finances with a man (husband or otherwise), never trust completely (verify everything), and keep a reserve of funds for attorney, private investigator, a new place to live and moving expenses.  That’s just plain GOOD SENSE in present society.

And this may sound overly dramatic, but it’s still true:  Your life could very well be in danger (and the lives of your children), if your husband goes off the tracks in midlife.  You’ve seen the news.  There are a lot of dead women who didn’t know about, nor care to be prepared for, this HUGE phenomenon.  You say, “My husband would never hurt me.”  Well, your husband will be a completely different animal if he goes down this path.  It’s quite scary, the change in their persona.

Girls, it’s a whole different ballgame when you get older and don’t look so hot in a bikini. Particularly if your husband thinks love is lust.

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