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Hi everyone.

Just want to thank you for your feedback about what I write, and about the site.  I don’t have a lot of widgets and flashy content, but there’s a reason for that.  When you go through what I experienced, and what thousands of women experience (and a few men too) it changes your outlook.  For how long?  Not sure yet.  But I can say this:  It forces you inside your head and heart, into contemplation mode.  Nobody cares about a zippy web site when you are in survival mode.  It’s about good, solid, honest information you can use.  Something to help you live, and WANT to live, actually.

The internet has changed the world, in large part because we, the little people, who have something worthwhile to say, now have a venue by which to do that…all of the other trash notwithstanding.  Those of us who were around when the internet was born can say, without a doubt, that the internet was the biggest game changer of our lives…of everybody’s life.  Blow dryers are pretty important too.  Kidding.

I agree with Steve Jobs, that we are incredibly fortunate to be living in this age (I think I will always miss his edgy creativity). For him, he said he was here at just the right time, and the right place, to maximize his experience, and those of thousands of others as well, no doubt.  And I had a hand in the success of the internet too, by working in the optical fiber business, working to make glass attenuation woes a thing of the past.  That means FAST data transmission (You’re welcome).  But this web site is not about excitement.  Its about survival and about helping others.

Life becomes the antithesis of fun when you are thrown away.  There are no cool apps or fun games or pretty web sites…it becomes about survival.  And I found that the contemplative time was a good thing. I found that reading good, solid writing told from someone’s heart, HELPED me.  And help was all I needed.

So, let’s see…it’s been 6 years now, and life is getting better.  But I still say it will take ten years for my life to balance again.  Maybe then I can make the site prettier.  But I will never try to make it fun or trendy.  There is nothing fun nor trendy about having your life suddenly mean nothing.

So bear with me, keep reading, please, and most of all if you are a thrown away wife, hang on and hang in there. And if you are NOT a throw away, just think about what I say here.  I promise it will matter in some small way.  And that’s all I’m after.

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