Suzanne Morphew, Susan Powell, Shannon Watts and All of the other Missing Wives

Each day, three women are killed by their intimate partners.  That’s from a domestic violence website,  I didn’t go there because of a violent situation; I went there because I watch a lot of crime shows on youtube and I’m overwhelmed by the number of husbands who claim their wife ‘ran off with another man’ or ‘got kidnapped’ or ‘dragged off by a MOUNTAIN LION’.  I’m sick to death of it and I’m tired of these men getting a pass on murder.

And I’m pissed off at the saying, “No body, no murder conviction”.  That needs to change.  RIGHT NOW.  When a wife disappears under mysterious circumstances, and the husband tries to eat his own lips while on camera AND he’s found to have another woman OR a bobcat…GUILTY!  End of discussion!  Women, we need to put our foot down about this crap!

Women, when your friend says, “If anything happens to me, even if it looks like an accident, it wasn’t”, say something!  Have a little chat with the husband to let him know he’s being watched.  Don’t let your friends suffer the fate of Susan Powell. That poor woman!  Her body has never been found.  Terrible, terrible situation.

Even better, women, get the HELL OUT of these relationships where you know you are in danger.  Please!

What we need is a Ninja squad of OTHER women who deploy to the site of the surviving husband’s house. That’s what we need.  I don’t know!  He just burst into blood!  Probably trying to run off with another woman!  Well it works for the MEN, doesn’t it?

Oh I’m not really going after these men.  I’M not a murderer like they are.  And at least Josh Powell had the good sense to take himself out.  Unfortunately and very sadly, he took his two boys with him.  That was pure evil.

My point of all of this is that men are killing their wives at an alarming rate, people!  If you are in a marriage with a man who views marriage as OWNERSHIP, you’re in deep trouble if you try to leave.  PLEASE get help getting out.  This type of man is dangerous when his ‘property’ is about to leave him.  OR when he finds another toy to play with.

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