Okay Cheating Men, Stop Killing Your Wives!

Have you ever read a book, or watched a movie so many times you can recite the script before it arrives?  I have.  I watch Pride and Prejudice every time life gets tough.  The one with Matthew MacFayden, that one.  Okay and Keira Knightly.  I probably misspelled both names but I don’t really care; it’s the MOVIE I love, and of course both actors nailed their role.  AND as usual, I digress, but it’s because this is a tough topic.  It’s the one where the husband murders his wife -of-many-years and then wears his ass out trying to cover it up!  It hardly ever works, but OH NO that doesn’t stop them.  Remember the MANY wives-of-many-years who ‘got drunk’ and ‘fell off of a cruise ship’ a few years back?  I think I wrote something about that, like: Whatever you do, don’t go on a cruise!  Go with your girlfriends anyway; you’ll have WAY more fun.  As for me, you’d have to kill me to get me ON a cruise ship.  I don’t like people well enough to be trapped at sea with them. Hey, maybe that’s why my ex never invited me on a cruise! hahaha.

Every  wife who  ‘goes missing’ has ‘run off with another man’ or ‘been abducted’.   Oh wait, or has ‘been attacked by a mountain lion’.  AND then months or years later, the husband is nailed for murdering her.  Oh what a surprise.  It’s like watching a dark Pride and Prejudice over and over!  Wait for it! and place your bets ladies and gentlemen, on when the other woman shows up OR the financial motive arrives on the scene, because, come on, you KNOW one or the other, or both, are coming.  You’ve seen this movie before, right?  Oh and the subplot is that the poor defenseless other woman never KNEW he was MARRIED, or she ‘thought they were SEPARATED’.  Oh, and the man told the other ‘woman’ (I use that label SO loosely) the wife had MENTAL PROBLEMS.  I would laugh out loud at this pitiful, worn out, tattered list of defenseless attempts at ‘innocence’.  But it’s not funny.  It’s serious, but it does show how stupid cheaters are; and it shows to what lengths they will go to a) get some strange; and b) take all of the wife’s hard life’s work and make it hers.

Here’s the thing. First of all, women who have been married for twenty years don’t ‘run off’ anywhere.  We stopped running years ago once we get to THAT point.  And second, WHO ABDUCTS A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN??  Think of another excuse, you unimaginative simpletons.  You’re going to get caught, as well you should.  You’d better hope I’M not on your jury, by the way.  If you see me, go ahead and plead guilty and save the rest of us some tax dollars, because with ME on your jury?  You’re going DOWN. Guess I just made sure I won’t make THAT cut.

Listen women, if you have been married a long time and are ‘of a certain age’, will you please WAKE UP to the current paradigm that has worked up a head of steam in the world?  PAY ATTENTION.  Men have figured out that women ‘run off with another man’ and they THINK they get to KILL YOU.  And, there are younger women who can’t wait to drive your Mercedes and move into the home you’ve poured your heart and resources into.  When did the world forget that women are often the primary money source and that we work JUST as hard as the husbands?

Wife, you need to be in a situation where you can afford a mean attorney, a good private investigator and you should hope you can sue the ass off of the other woman.  IF she hasn’t gone into hiding, that is.  This means…will you please…have your own account to which he has no access?  Will you put money into it every time you get paid?  I’m telling you, a large percentage of the time, you’re gonna need that money.

Oh my husband would NEVER do that to me.  If you think that, you should know that in the murderous cases, the once kind husband becomes a completely different person, one with ice where the heart used to be.  About that, I kid you not.  I have witnessed that, first hand.  When that happens, you are nothing but a worthless object in the way of him FEELNG GOOD.

Oh and there’s a new excuse on the scene!  I almost forgot!   Want to hear it?  Here goes:  “And then, she just…died.”  HAHAHAHA.  I am sorry.  I have to laugh at that one.  People don’t ‘just die’.  But this shrimp head thinks he can use that as an excuse and get away with it.  If you watch the news, you know to whom I refer.  It brings back memories of cruises in the news.

Anyway, any man worth his salt will just divorce us, rather than trying to destroy us financially, emotionally, physically….or killing us.  Too many good women are being buried in shallow graves in the middle of mountainous terrain or back yards of suburbs, smothered in their beds or killed by other surreptitious methods right in their own homes.  Every single day that these murderous men walk free causes me pain deep in my soul.

Pay attention, women.  You are the strong one after all.   And build your life so that you have a way out, even if you never need it!  You know, in order for you to have a way out, you have to be prepared,  see the murderous intent coming and you’ve got to get other people involved when you do see it.  When the danger arrives, you have to have a team in your corner.  This one has to be public.  Sorry, but that’s how we survive.  Sometimes, even then, with all of the pleas for help and warnings, and the notes that say, “If anything happens to me, he did it”, women die anyway.  Don’t be one of them.  Be smart.  And remember, during his scheming time, he’s thinking with the LITTLE head, and that give you an advantage.

It is so hard to look at the man who once treated you so well and loved you, and see the darkness and evil intent in his eyes; I KNOW that.  I’ve been there.  But no matter how much we’d love for that to never happen, it happens.  And it happens all too often.  So many lovely women who trusted and loved their husbands, and even ones who saw the demon and couldn’t get away, are now dead, lost to the ones who actually DID love her.

So pay attention, know that there is evil out there.  Be safe, and remember you are loved and you have value and a purpose for being here.  Don’t let anybody tell you differently.